October 20, 2005
11:20 AM

Still sick..? Yes, but that's ok. I've got a full load these next 4 days, which just adds to my stress. The stress is unwarranted. I bring it upon myself, so no sympathy is required. Well, yes in the sense that you should feel sorry for me that I can't relax and go with the flow.

Yesterday, the band ANTI-FLAG asked me to open up for them on the EUROPE TOUR starting January 11th. Of course I said yes. THis is crazy to think that I'm going back to Europe twice in less than 2 months. But I'll take it and cherish it with all my heart. Thank you AF for thinking of me. Here's some of the cities I'll be hitting up:
12.01. D / Hamburg / tba
13.01. D / Berlin / So 36
14.01. D / Leipzig / Conne Island
15.01. CZ / Prag / Rock Cafe
16.01. offday
17.01. A / Wien / Arena
18.01. CH / Bern or Basel, maybe Zürich/ tba
19.01. F / Paris / Elisee Montmatre
20.01. B / Brüssel / AB
21.01. NL / Rotterdam / Waterfront
22.01. D / Hannover / Capitol
23.01. D / Essen / Zeche Carl

If you are from Europe and see that I'm coming to your city, well get ready for more chaos than you've ever experienced. I'm just kidding. I'm so boring. I'd much rather go for a walk and take pictures of old building than cause a ruccus. The imagery of rock n' roll is so comical to me.

For the next few days I'll be in LA, then back home for more fun. My best friend is getting married and his mom is having an engagement party for him and his bride to be. An engagement party?? Sounds RITZY to me. We'll see. Do I bring a present? Maybe I'll give him my cd... HA.. He'll think I'm a cheap bastard, but I am. SO who cares.
Mike Park