October 18, 2005
10:51 AM

I've got it all here:ZINC, VITAMIN C, GINGER T, AIRBORNE... It's all for me to beat this flu/cold. My appetite is still strong, I just feel a bit weak and feverish. Ya know what I'm saying?

Today, I had to renew my license at the DMV. Eye test only, but when I got there I read a sign that said CASH/CHECKS only. DOH!! No credit cards??? Who doesn't take credit cards? Oh well. I'll do it another time.

I'm wearing camoflauge vans right now. I'm running out of shoes. It's been a goal of mine to not buy shoes ever again. The quest to get free shoes is running low. It's been exactly 4 years since I last bought shoes, but I'm ready to fold. These vans look like shiiiiite and my black sneakers are falling apart. Holes and everything. Once it starts raining I'm doomed. Maybe I'll got to payless shoes. They're pretty damn cheap.

Since I've been a bit ill, I ate healthy last night. I had cereal(Shredded wheat) and soy milk. With the addition of raisins this was a tasty treat. I'm savoring the thought of eating it again tonight. Add some fiber to the diet and BAM you are relieving yourself at least 6 times a day. No kidding. Ask any of my close friends. All are pretty big too. I look and wonder "Wow.. that's a lot".
Mike Park