October 17, 2005
12:12 PM

Perhaps insomnia last night was due to the fact that I drank green tea at 10 PM. It didn't really set in that was the reason until 3 AM hit and the witching hour began. Ummmm.. You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? Well, yah.. Ok. I woke up with a bit of a fever so I'm desperately trying to beat any illness with vitamins and liquids. I'm peeing every 10 minutes it seems. I told Skylar(My co-worker) that I'm not gonna flush anymore to conserve water. he's fine with that. What a nice guy.

My mom is leaving for a month starting tomorrow. She's pretty composed for a trip that long. If I were her I'd be freaking out. But perhaps I should give her more credit as she seems to know what is up.

What did I do this weekend? On Friday night I played board games with friends and ate ice cream. Jumped on the trampoline with Monica as she screamed in fear. What's there to be scared about?? Beats me. Tried to wake up early on Saturday, but ended up getting out of bed at 9AM. Monica and I have season passes to Great America, but we haven't used them at all this year, so we decided to go and ride rollercoasters for an hour. We got there at 10:18 AM and rode the drop zone four times in a row and then left. This is the greatest ride. I still get extremely scared every time. I can feel the tingle in my lower extremeties right now just thinking about it. But yeah, we headed to Japan town next to meet up with Skylar and Joa to eat Korean food and look at pet stores. Skylar has a African Millipede(Did I spell that right). It's freaky as it climbs your arm with it's plethora of legs clinging to you on every move. Back home, I cooked dinner and watched Laverne and Shirley on DVD which we picked up at the Library earlier in the day. The library is fun. The free movies can't be beat.

Halloween party coming up this Saturday. I still haven't decided what to wear?? Maybe I'll rehash an old outfit. That's easy. Any suggestions?
Mike Park