October 14, 2005
9:27 AM

My alarm went off at 7:55 AM. I grabbed it and threw it across the room. No, I didn't. But I did hit snooze for the next hour. Insomnia hit me again last night. Thinking about stuff. Not quite sure what. Just thinking. About being productive and understanding my surroundings. Silly stuff ya know.

Have you seen the movie called "THE WARRIORS". From the late 70's or perhaps early 80's. The Warriors are a gang that get blamed for killing this peace keeping gang lord who tries to unite all the gangs. Really amazing movie to be honest. THe Baseball Fury's are a gang in this flick that dress up as baseball players, but have KISS like make up. I remember dressing up as one for Halloween when I was in High School.

Well, it was on TV and I tried watching it, but the movie broke to commerciall every 7 minutes. It was impossible to watch. Gosh I hate TV. I begged my roomate not to get cable and she gets cable. I'm addicted to it, that's why I don't want it. Oh well, what cha gonna do?

What are your plans this weekend?? I've really got nothing special on my end. Hang out with Monica. Perhaps clean up. PLay my guitar. That actually sounds nice. Sometimes you need to cherish an open schedule. RIght?? Right..
Be well.
Mike Park