October 13, 2005
10:42 AM

In the midst of riding my bike yesterday I realized I don't know anything about bikes. I can barely change a flat, but ya know I love them so much. I should put more pictures up of my bikes so the world can see them. I wrote a song about one of the bikes. I named her JOY.. At first I didn't like her that much, but now I'm in LOVE....

The Truman Capote movie sucked. What was the point?? To show he was genius dud. I didn't get it. Maybe I'm too dumb and should stick to movies like PORKYS. Perhaps I'll start wearing a baseball cap sideways and my shorts half way down my ass. Perhaps, I should shut up now. OK..

It's Thursday tonight. Is there anything to do? Hmmmm... Maybe a show?? Maybe. Be well.
mike park