October 12, 2005

8:34 AM
Hooooray!! I found someone to pick me up in England. YAY! I'm a weiner!! Winner, not weiner. So I got an email from Carlos Alazraqui. Do you know him?? He's on that show RENO 911 and he's also the voice for the TACO BELL dog. You know who I'm talking about? Well, he used to go to Skankin' Pickle shows in the early 90's and we had lost touch, so I sent him a letter and wala....He wrote back. He's gonna go to my show in LA next week at the Knitting Factory. I'm gonna make him come up on stage and do the taco bell dog voice over and over again.

My mom is leaving for a month next week. She's going to Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. Good for her. I'm always encouraging her to travel and enjoy life. She's friggin 70 years old, but she just stays at home and cooks me lunch. Come on mom. Enjoy life. It's too short. But this means I've got to house sit and water her plants. Not such a big deal right? But she's got like a thousand plants. And who's gonna make me lunch?? Just kidding. I can make a mean peanut butter jelly sandwhich.

I'm off to work. Lots to do , but I've got to leave early. Be well. Peace,
Mike Park