October 29, 2003
1:37 PM

Ahhhhh...Technology. I'm sitting here in Mpls, Mn. at the Quest, a venue downtown I guess. Anyways, I'm on somebodys computer, whom I don't know typing this up. I guess it's ok cause I'm a nice guy and even if he gets mad I'll just smile and he'll say it's ok. Last night, I met up with an old friend named Andre Barcelone. He is on tour with Alkaline Trio doing video documentary stuff. I've known Andre for about ten years now and he's sincerely an amazing person. We decided we were going to go for a long walk. So we headed off at around 8:30 PM and just started walking. We decided we would walk to Wrigley Field. I have no idea what area we started in, but it took us about an hour to get there. It was freezing out, but felt good. We were near a place called the L & L, which I know Brendan from Lawrence Arms frequents. So I called him up and he met us over there. Brendan has somehow become the admiration of the bartenders there and he got free drinks all night. I passed on drinks, but had a good time with the company I was in. We stuck around til' midnight and then me and Andre walked back to our home base. We were leaving for Mpls.. @ 2 AM via the Alkaline Trio bus. We got back with an hour to spare and made some burritos before our departure. All of the trio were at their managers house and we all piled into their van to meet up with their bus. Majestic!! That's what I do to describe these tour busses. And this model was a 2003 brand new bus with tv's in every single bunk. To give a quick description.....Tour busses have two lounges both equipped with roaming sattellite, dvd, stereo, etc.. It's a traveling home basically. There are 12 beds and it's just a beautiful thing. I never get to tour in busses, so when I get to ride on a bus it's extremely fun. I feel like a kid. Though I was god awful tired, I stayed up til' past four just watching sat..TV and marveling at my surroundings. I awoke in Mpls, and took a brisk stroll around the city.. Walked past the Target Center where they have sporting events and on the marquee it said OPENING NIGHT-MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES VS MILWAUKEE BUCKS. So I walked in to the ticket box office asked if there were tickets available and they said "YES"!! And then I bought a single near the floor and am going to opening night in MPLS. of all places. This is amazing!! I can't believe I'm gonna miss the Alkaline Trio show tonight. I wonder if they'll be mad since I hitched a ride with them. Hmmmm.... Anyways, I better get going. But that's what's up for now.

Peace always, Mike Park