October 04, 2005

7:31 AM
Again, I'm sitting in my tent with the roar of traffic and trains shooting by. It really sucks. Gerry Lundquist is sleeping next to me and he runs in his sleep so every three minutes his feet just start shuffling. Add the traffic, trains, and the sun that is now gaining power with each minute, my chance to sleep in is obliterated. Though we are not riding today, we will camp out and make sure we enjoy this occasion. Other than the traffic, the beach is beautiful and the ocean is almost tolerable without a wetsuit.

Last night, the booze were out in full force. Tecate, Keystone, Miller, and any cheap beer that could be found was gobbled up at the liquor store. Plus a few bottles of whiskey and wine. The next thing you know the group is drunk and sinigng songs as I lay in my tent just a few feet away absorbing all the chaos and just laughing inside.

They kept yelling at me to come out and join them, so I did. I felt like I was part of it all in my tent, but I owed them the courtesy of being front and center. As they passed a pipe of the greenest of green herb, I ended up smoking. Not a common thing for me. I think once or twice a year. So why not? We're under the stars, amongst friends, and it was green, green, green. The next thing ya know I'm higher than high. Back to my tent I went, listening to conversations and eating power bars in my back pack. Ahhhhhhh...... I have no idea what time I passed out or when everyone else passed out. I got up to use the restroom and everyone was either asleep or gone. I looked at my watch and it was only 12:36 AM. I thought I was up til' 11, so the group must have crashed hard and fast. I went to the beach this morning and found Matt and Joel asleep. They must have froze out there. They're still there now. FUN TIMES.
Peace, mike park