September 27, 2005

Hey Hey...I'm playing a show on October 20th at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles on October 20th with Kevin Seconds. Would anybody be willing to make some flyers and post them around the Los Angeles area? If you can help out I'll give you a copy of my new record for free and some other neat stuff.

Secondly, to my brothers and sisters over in the UK. I'm looking for a huge favor here. Would anybody be willing to pick me up at London Heathrow on either the 10th or 11th of November and drive me to some shows on Nov. 11th-Nov. 15th. If you can do this, I will give you so much free stuff, plus I will give you free tickets to any or all of the Alkaline Trio shows that I am doing. Of course I will pay for gas and will be your best friend. Let me know if this is something that someone would be willing to do. Just shooot me an email at

Tuesday, 12:06 PM and I'm back in the van. WOOPDEEDOO!! The easiest ride yet, but even the basic spinning is killing my knee. I managed to ride 24 miles and will rest in the van whilst popping advil like it's candy. I slept well last night. Most of the nights I wake up freezing, but when you're so tired you usually do nothing but curl up in the fetal position hoping that will warm you up. We're in Morro Bay, only 32 miles to our destination of Pismo Beach State Park. Wasn't Pismo Beach the place where BUGS BUNNY would try to dig to?? Am I crazy?? I think that's it. Hmmmm...

Me and Gerry are going to get some potatoes for dinner. We'll bake em' and top em' with cheese, butter, and sour cream. Sound good? Well, it is. For dessert, canned peaches and then we'll sing songs at the campfire. I like hearing stories around the campfire. I try not to talk to much. It's better to listen, but when you're as old as me, the young-lings want to hear your battle tales. So I'll dish out some good stories. At least they're good in my mind.

The sun is blistering today. People better watch out or they're gonna be burned to a crisp. One rider named Pete has his left ear burnt to a crisp. But he still doesn't put sunblock on. What's the deal. Use that stuff or you'll pay the price. Lots of guys are going shirtless today. Again, if they didn't use enough sun block they'll be feeling it in the morning. Well, I'm going to converse with Gerry for awhile. Be well everyone.
Mike Park