September 26, 2005

Hey Hey...I'm playing a show on October 20th at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles on October 20th with Kevin Seconds. Would anybody be willing to make some flyers and post them around the Los Angeles area? If you can help out I'll give you a copy of my new record for free and some other neat stuff.

Secondly, to my brothers and sisters over in the UK. I'm looking for a huge favor here. Would anybody be willing to pick me up at London Heathrow on either the 10th or 11th of November and drive me to some shows on Nov. 11th-Nov. 15th. If you can do this, I will give you so much free stuff, plus I will give you free tickets to any or all of the Alkaline Trio shows that I am doing. Of course I will pay for gas and will be your best friend. Let me know if this is something that someone would be willing to do. Just shooot me an email at

12:03 PM
It's Monday and after 25 miles of riding, I'm done. My knee is mush. In fact, one of the other riders basically pushed me for the last 5 miles to make it to our first stop of the day. I pooped out yesterday also. After 60 miles though. We didn't even leave Santa Cruz til' 11 AM. I got up at 5:30 AM, but it was extremely hard to get people up and started. We made a wrong turn that put us back even later and the next thing ya know it's 7 PM and we're still 10 miles from our camp site in Big Sur. Gerry had to drive the van back and pick up some riders who couldn't make it. It had become so dangerous at that point in the ride. I was fearing for everyone's safety.

During the two days off, my hope to relax was interrupted by work. Everything from Asian Man ,to Plea For Peace, to cleaning the van, and getting supplies ready for phase two of our bike trip. I so badly wanted to go to the YMCA and sit in the Jacuzzi, but it didn't happen. It wasn't meant to be. I'm sad thinking of it as I'd love to be in the jacuzzi right now with my eyes closed breathing in the chlorine. Ahhhhh.... By the way it's now 7:30 PM. I had put away my computer at a rest stop overlooking the ocean. Well, every portion of HWY 1 pretty much overlooks the ocean, but this was a beautiful vista. They was a tour bus full of Italians that parked as soon as I got there. I thought about trying out my 4 years of high school Italian, but opted against it. Good move by me. At the time, I thought I was pretty darn good, but they were talking so fast I could only catch words here and there.

We are staying at San Simeon State Park. The last 17 miles were flat and easy. We rolled into camp at 5 PM and set up camp. For dinner we cooked beans on the fire and made bean and cheese burritos with salsa, jalapenos, and lettuce. Backtracking to Sunday-When we got ready to leave a lady drove by and gave us a box of dinner rolls, and then an elderly woman across the street gave us a bunch of veggies and some portabella mushrooms. We just grilled those that's what made me think of them. Some of the dudes on this ride smoke pot and then ride on the mountains. How is that possible? I'd be dead for sure.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and maybe a good night of sleep will heal me for the ride tomorrow. Please please please..
Mike Park