October 28, 2003
9:49 AM

Yesterday, was "leisure day". I just spent the day answering e-mail, practicing guitar, reading some magazines and just kind of hanging around the house. Very uneventful to be honest. I didn't even leave the house until Jeff, the homeowner and rock bass player from Colossal took me to dinner in downtown Elgin for some Thai food. It was actually a Thai/Chinese restaurant as they asked us THAI? or Chinese? when we arrived. As we sat there at our booth, I could only marvel at the 70's architecture and wonder what this restaurant was initially built for? Italian? Greek? American? Definitely not Chinese. Yesterday I had stated that I was suprised to get yummy Mexican food in Elgin, but Jeff told me that actually Elgin was home to quite a large population of Latinos and that the restaurants were plentiful. My mistake. Anyways, we had Thai food last night. To be honest, the food wasn't so good. Just didn't match up to the restaurants in California. At 9 PM, I met up with Duvall to watch them rehearse and then we went to a 24/7 diner that Rob(Ex-Slapstick drummer and current Duval drummer) had mentioned to be the same place where Slapstick had a meeting that eventually resulted in their break up. I wonder what they ate? We spent the night talking about anything and everything. Said goodbye to my new friends and me and Rob headed back to his house, capped off the evening in the hot tub and then slept like a log. Where does that phrase come from? Slept like a log? Hmmm.. I'm off to Chicago today for lunch with Alk. Trio and then I'm heading to Minneapolis with the trio for more bonding and fun. Hopefully I can get to a computer tomorrow and write some stuff. I'll talk to you soon.

Peace always, Mike Park