September 14, 2005

8:07 PM
It was the best nights sleep yet. So warm. I had been friggin freezing the past few nights, but last night I wore pants, long sleeve shirt, and a sweatshirt. Ahhhh.. It was like staying in a holiday Inn.. I've been sharing a tent with Gerry. We have a huge luxury suite type tent. We can even stand up inside. I love it. I want to live it in forever. Well, maybe not, but I wouldn't mind camping more often. I'm trying to talk Gerry into moving to California. He's such a good guy. I love him so much. We bought Brown Sugar last night, so our oatmeal was better than ever. YUMM!!! I made mine kind of soupy. It was so sweet and warm too my tummy.

Jenny Choi took off at like 7 AM by herself. Monica didn't even try to go out. her knee still killing her. Also along for the ride was Sean, who also is in much pain(KNEE). Most of the ride wasn't on the coast. We saw a lot of lakes a few bridges and ran into a few other riders. It's interesting to see where people are riding too. One group was going to Disneyland. But those fuckers had a huge RV with trailer following them. They got to stay in a bed every night. That's cool.. We met two older men who were heading to San Francisco. They were probably in their 60's and they had nothing except their bikes. Everything was attached:THE TENT, SLEEPING BAGS, COOKING UTENSILS, ETC.. Pretty awesome. I'd like to try that one of these days. The days are quicker. We're making only two stop points for the riders, so we're rolling in before 3 PM. It makes it so much better. We get to see the beach and explore a bit. It's friggin amazing. We're only 6 days into this ride, so I'm trying to pace myself. We've got 20 more riding days left.

We had hot dogs tonight on white bread with yellow mustard and ruffle brand potato chips to wash it down with. YUMMMM... It's night time now and we'll be sleeping soon. I did take an hour nap when we got her. Hopefully I can sleep tonight and be ready for more oatmeal in the morning. Be well everyone. More of the coast awaits.
Mike Park