September 13, 2005

6:48 PM
Howzit people. We got an early start today. Leaving the campground at 7 AM, I started off with the A GROUP(Slow Group). This way we could roll at our own leisure and not worry about holding people
back. It's beautiful here. i know it's starting to sound repetitive, but it's unbelievable. Riding along the coast is like nothing I've ever seen before. Constant beauty. Breathing in the fresh air and just loving every minute. Even on the hard climbs it's still pleasant. I can't wait to leave in the morning. It's hard to wait for everyone to get ready, that's why I developed the A GROUP.

I went to sleep around 10:30 PM last night and rose at 5:30. I don't even need to set an alarm. My internal clock is waking me up at the right time every morning. It's crazy. Again, we had oatmeal, but unfortunately everyone didn't eat. There was a lot of food wasted, which makes me sad. :(
I even kept it and hoped that people would eat more when we stopped on breaks, but it was just me. I made peanut butter, jelly, and oatmeal sandwhiches. It wasn't
so good. For some reason, I thought it would be delicious, but no. Oh well. I still ate it and it filled me up quite nicely.

Another rider dropped out today. This time it was a guy named Eric. He had something in his eye and it swelled shut overnight. We took him to the doctor and he's wearing a patch looking like a pirate. It's kind of cool. After 20 miles, Sean konked out. His knee gave out and he joined the ranks of the wounded. And then shortly after Dan Potthast found Monica in tears trying to climb a mighty hill, she was the last of three to give out on todays ride. Unfortunate for them. It sucks. I know everyone wants to ride, but it is so much strain on the body. Trying to ride for 8 hours a day is something that we weren't meant to do.

Riding slow is fun. We still made great time, rolling in at around 2:30 PM. Enough time to relax, eat food, drink, and be merry. I even played catch with ball and glove for a bit. For dinner, it was ramen. I ate three ramen and 2 bowls of mashed potatoes. Carbs..only carbs. I'm getting sleepy, perhaps I'll go to sleep now. Perhaps not.. Hmmmm....
Mike Park