October 27, 2003
11:20 AM

It's a story book day here in beautiful Elgin, Il.. The fall colors are rocking the streets and leaves are piled up high by the sidewalks. You don't get much of that in San Jose, California. A bit, but not like here. I could jump in the leaves parallel to the ground and not feel any pain due to the mass of leaves. Thankfully it's not so cold yet and the rain has decided to stay away for the time being. I'm staying at Rob, Jeff, and Jasons house. They rock the band known as Colossal. The house is very cozy and a definite bright spot in my life right now. Lots of little snacks and tea and a hot tub in the back. Can you beat that? Didn't think so. Last night I met the Caterer brothers from the band Duvall. Rob, who doubles as the drummer for both Duvall and Colossal started our introduction by putting me and Josh in seperate rooms with Guitars. We had 10 minutes each to write a new song about Highways. Pretty silly, but Rob is like that. Always joking and making the mood light and fun. 10 minutes aint a long time to write a song. I think both of us were just s smitten with this idea that we just tried our best and hence...A good time was had by all. We both played our songs, had a good laugh and you'll never hear those songs again. Sorry. We then headed to downtown Elgin to eat some Mexican food. You wouldn't think Elgin to be the home of great Mexican food, but man the food was good, good, good. Super cheap, super flavorful and super good. That was the extent of my evening. We came back home and I just read. And here I am... Everyone's at work til' 5 PM and I'm just going to try to do some work. I've got my computer, my phone, and will hopefully be productive. Tonight, it's more hanging out with DUVALL as I will go to their rock rehearsal. Take care everyone.

Peace always, Mike Park