September 01, 2005

"The most anticipated release of the year"-Spin Magazine
Actually, I just made that up. But hopefully some of you are excited for the new record and will buy it. Word of mouth promotion is all I have to go on. Tell a friend. :)

NOTE:Can you go to your local record store and see if they are carrying my record. If they aren't can you email me and let me know the name of the record store. Thanks very much.

11:30 AM
Should I feel guilty if I don't write people back?? My inbox had 78 new messages today. I just spent the last 2 hours battling through answering every friggin letter. I still have about 20 left including 3 interviews. It seems as if I'm getting more and more requests to do benefit shows and though I'd love to do every show I can't afford to just fly myself to different states and play for free. But still I feel bad about not being able to play every show people ask me to play. Hmmmm....

Today I'm going to the gym to relax and meditate in the sauna. I need to perspire for long periods of time whilst drinking lots of water. I feel cloudy in the head and need some purification of sorts. Ya know what I'm saying?

Damn, there's a part of me that just wants to ditch work right now. Grab my bike and just start riding for the hills. With my crack pipe in hand I'll get high.....Just kidding. HA HA
But it would be nice to just go for a ride and feel the sun beating on my face while dreaming of Mexican food as my reward after riding. BLAH BLAH BLAH.
Mike Park

Vien To-$12
Misa and Kaoru-$15
Brian Quirk-$15
Kris Racer-$23.45
Christina Giordano-$3
Dustin Dumas-$40
Scott Butterworth-$14
Jessica Burnham-$15
Ken Lee-$33
Kevin Koegel-$30
Brian Abolins-$25
Mark Veon-$15
Michael Cavaleri-$10
Rey Hernandez-$20
Dan Richter-$50
Dan Shannon-$5
Gary Yee-$10
John Anderson-$20
Seth Odell-$10
Sung Kim-$40
Britt Osbourn-$10
Black Sunday-$10
Andrew Paciocco-$10
Kyle Trittipo and Anuja Vichare $25
Matthew Chantler-30 BRITISH POUNDS
Dan Droller-$100
Diana Mendoza-$200
Evan O'Neil-$7
Steve Hahnlein-$17
Adam Bubash-$30
David Loyd-$25
Julien Lestoclet-$15
Brett Bussard-$50
Mitsuhiro Sabu-$100
Eugene Ahn-$100
Drew Bienemann-$100
Andrew Wong-$25
Matt Skiba-$100
Karim Jetha-$5
Kanallakan Priscilla-$5
Murphy Fennel-$4
David Pereira-$132
Rob Meckstroth-$15
Mitsunori Sabu-$20
Michael Sosin-$10
Michael Daphin-$7
Kristi Reese-$20
Saddle Creek Records-$250
Thick Records-$250
Kung Fu Records-$150
Soundtek Studios-$250
Thomas Skiba-$500
Chulie Park-$150
Fly PR-$25
Marc Howlett-$200
Bob Walsh-$120
Julie and George Kent-$50
Sue Farwell-$100
Margaret Brenner-$25
Kwai Kong-$500
Audrey and Tom Gerraty-$200
James LaVigna-$100
Jeff Hsue-$100
Joseph Jerkens-$15
Jenny Choi-$200