October 26, 2003
11:10 AM

OOOOH BABY!! Give it to me one more time! One extra hour of sleep!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night placed in the top 10 most uneventful times in my life. I along with my new comrades in JAFIRE went to a haunted house in a suburb of Chicago. Can't remember the suburb, because well...I'm good at not remembering that kind of stuff. We left around 8:50 PM, arrived at 9:20 PM and promptly got in line. Well, this line never moved. In fact, by the time we finally arrived in the haunted house, it was 1 AM. Are you kidding me? And on top of it all, it cost $13 to get in. By the time we finally got in, I was so pissed off that I didn't even care about the haunted house. But being the ultimate optimist, I tried my hardest to enjoy the experience and pretend it was great. But it sucked. Oh well, so is life sometimes. Actually, I'm sure I could have experienced a lot worse, but it's so fresh in my mind that I have to comment on it. Overall, Chicago is a pretty neato city. Great cafes, cute girls, and plenty of music. Looking in the entertainment paper, there's a great show 7 days a week. But I've never really experienced the cold, cold, cold of Chicago. As the locals tell me, it's not so fun. Ok, I'll make sure to miss it. Well, it's off to Elgin today where I will meet for the first time the band DUVALL. Dinner at 8 kids.

Peace always, Mike Park