July 29, 2005
11:38 AM

Lucky me. I'm sitting in a hotel room with rock star Matt Skiba. I'm not even playing shows yet, but the Trio are so friggin nice they bought a room for me and Matt last night. I got my own bed and yes....TOTALLY FREE!! I like free so much. It makes me insane. Tonight is the first show for me in Boulder, Colorado. It's been exactly 2 weeks since I last played a show. It will be a 180 degree turn from my last show. Playing a basement in Alexandria, Va. to playing in front of 1,000 people at a rock club. It's cool... I enjoy experiencing everything and anything.

Let's back track to Wednesday night. I arrived in Salt Lake City at 10 PM. According to MAPQUEST the venue that Alkaline Trio was playing at was only 1.2 miles away. With no baggage to pick up, I just started walking. 30 minutes into the walk I had no idea where I was. Relunctantly I called a cab and paid friggin $17 as I was dropped off just in time to hear the Trio play their encore. WOOHOO!!

The fun and adrenaline of the rock show had my blood boiling and my mind was excited for the ROCK N' ROLL bus. With pizza, drinks, and food everywhere I excitedly prepared for the 542 mile drive to DENVER. The bus had satalite television with porn channels. I didn't watch them, but it's always a good sign when they have the porn channels, meaning they have a good selection of television.

At 3:30 AM, the bus blew a tire and here began the following:
We rolled to a turtle speed of 20 miles an hour trying to get to the next exit. There was a spare tire, but we wanted to get off the road as it's friggin dangerous to put a spare on the side of the freeway when you're in a huge bus. No problem. Perhaps a 45 minute delay and we're back on the road.
What do you know....Two tires on the trailer explode. Our driver Joe had been extremely sick the last week and he was stuck changing the tires. Luckily some of the Alkaline Trio crew helped out. I would have too, but ya know.. I have no friggin skills when it comes to fixing things. But an hour later and we're back on the road.
Holy shmoly. Not only does the trailer tire explode, but the entire wheel is off and we are screwed!! It's now 5 AM, there is no place open and it looks like we are going to miss the show. Driver Joe gets the tire shop to drive him to the spot where the tire fell off, so we can get that on the trailer and back on the road. After three run throughs, they friggin find the tire 100 feet off the road and BAM!! We are back in business. At this point, there is nobody awake besides myself, the driver, and the sound man Tony. But alas, we start to move and I think it's all good.
At 2 PM, unbelievably, we blow another tire. Luckily I fall asleep and the next 5 hours of driving are spend asleep and I finally awake in the safe surroundings of the parking lot of the AZATLAN THEATER.. Ahhhhhh......

There's more, but I've got to go. I'll write more later. Peace, mike

Vien To-$12
Misa and Kaoru-$15
Brian Quirk-$15
Kris Racer-$23.45
Christina Giordano-$3
Dustin Dumas-$40
Scott Butterworth-$14
Jessica Burnham-$15
Ken Lee-$33
Kevin Koegel-$30
Brian Abolins-$25
Mark Veon-$15
Michael Cavaleri-$10
Rey Hernandez-$20
Dan Richter-$50
Dan Shannon-$5
Gary Yee-$10
John Anderson-$20
Seth Odell-$10
Sung Kim-$40
Britt Osbourn-$10
Black Sunday-$10
Andrew Paciocco-$10
Kyle Trittipo and Anuja Vichare $25
Matthew Chantler-30 BRITISH POUNDS
Dan Droller-$100
Diana Mendoza-$200
Evan O'Neil-$7
Steve Hahnlein-$17
Adam Bubash-$30
David Loyd-$25
Julien Lestoclet-$15
Brett Bussard-$50
Mitsuhiro Sabu-$100
Eugene Ahn-$100
Drew Bienemann-$100