October 23, 2003
9:02 AM

I've been up since 5:50 AM. I'm getting sleepy....Zzzz... But I'm drinking green tea now, so hopefully that will pep me up. Why am I up so early you ask? Work!! I'm leaving for Chicago at 5 AM tomorrow, so I need to get stuff done before I leave. In fact, yesterday I did absolutely nothing, but work. Sounds boring right? Well, it is pretty boring. I found a bit of time to eat and catch glimpses of the world series. Other than that, I worked til just past 10 PM. I wonder how the weather is in Chicago right now. I bet it's getting cold. brrrr....not a fun thought. But should be good. Can't really think of anything interesting to say since I've done nothing of interest, so I'll say bye. I'm listening to the Clash-Blackmarket right now. Take care everyone..

peace always, Mike Park