July 14, 2005

9:45 AM
I'm extremely sore. My arms and shoulders are stiff and it's hard to move about. You see, I went water skiing for the first time in my life yesterday. Upon arrival in Pascoag,RI we were delighted to see a home situated on a LAKE. What a beautiful friggin place. They had a pedal boat, multiple floatation tubes, a power boat, jet ski, and a slide that sat on the shore going into the lake.

A full PA system was being used, including monitors, mixing board, etc.. There was a band playing when we got there. Young guys in high school playing NOFX covers. A small group of kids sat in a semi-circle watching. It was a funny atmosphere. But that damn lake kept calling me. "Mike, hurry up and come on in". Oh, how I wanted to jump in at that moment.

As soon as the band was done, I sat myself down on a chair and played the shortest set of the tour. 4 songs and done. Ahhhhh.... Ibut I just wanted to try water skiing. They also had a golfing area where you can hit balls into a net. My thought was the sooner I finished playing, the quicker everyone could enjoy the fun. And nobody complained, so it was all good.

I was first on the water skiing. Our host Dustin, along with Father, sister, and the touring posse loaded on the boat. After a quick lesson that was basically "KEEP YOUR ARMS AND LEGS STRAIGHT", I was thrown onto the fire. 3 attemps all ended in failure, but the 4th time I was up and water skiing. Such fun.... Too bad it only lasted 6 seconds. Now it was Hiro's turn. After 8 attempts of failure, he finally gave up. He came so close and I'm sure he could have done it after a few more trys, but he didn't want to hog it all to himself. Next up... CHRIS. 1, 2, 3 strikes and he gave up. He almost had it too, but he threw in the towel. I went back in as nobody else wanted to give it a try. First attempt no good, but I was up on number 2 and this time was really skiing, but on the first turn it was over. The realization that I had no idea how to turn was my downfall. Oh well. And that is the reason for the soreness.

The day was a vacation on the lake. Skiing, swimming, golfing, a little catch with the baseball, and finally a BBQ to end the evening. And then cookies, brownies, and the sweetest coconut/chocolate/graham cracker treat. Oh boy.. I've eaten so much on this trip... ARGGHHHH!!!!! We watched Degrassi from 10 PM-11 PM and then the new surreal life. The lack of sleep from last night was killing me. I crashed out hard on the floor. I could have been sleeping on concrete with a blanket and it would have been comfortable. I was just so tired.

We are heading back to Long Island. We're playing in Seaford. We've already been on the road an hour. I just want to beat traffic. Hopefully we can find a movie theater and see something good. Be well.
Peace always,
Mike Park