July 13, 2005

10:46 AM
We're on our way to Pascoag, RI. It's the farthest North we will venture here on the west coast. It's an early show, so we were up at 8 AM. My stress of city traffic wasn't as bad as usual. We timed things just right I guess.

It was the first time in the big apple for Monica. We ventured everywhere we could. We started at around 11 AM. Meeting up with my friend Stephane and James, we bought day passes for the subway. Only $7, which turned out to be a great deal. We headed off to Manhattan to get NY style pizza. Joe's PIZZA was where Stephane brought us and it was a treat. Thin crust seems to be more my style these days. Two slices and I was in good shape. We wanted to eat as much as humanly possible in the city and this was ROUND 1.

Off to Staten Island, where the ferry is free. It takes you right by the Statue of Liberty. I got a little sea sick on the ferry, but perhaps it was where we were standing. The exhaust from the ferry poured over us and into our lungs. After we docked, a quick subway ride to the east village??? and to a row of Indian Food restaurants. James was in charge this time. We decided to go vegeterian, so we could all share. That was ok with me. Especially after the amount of meat I've had on this tour
already. We got four dishes and naan bread. Yummy, but I was still hungry? I guess we had been doing a lot of walking and I was burning calories right? Well, I was burning down in my crotch area. Excessive walking without gold bonds medicated powder makes things difficult for me. How to say this intelligently?? Hmmm.. My balls get irritated when it's hot out and I'm walking a lot, which causes rash and soreness. DOH.....

Chris and Hiro had gone off on their own to see friends they knew in the city. James took off for band practice and we were now a trio with Stephane. Hiro took off last night as soon as we arrived in NYC. He knows people everywhere and they adore him as much as me. We finally met up around 5 PM and I asked him how much sleep he got last night. 30 minutes he replied, but he was good to go. He gave us a brief run down of what he had been up to. It included, getting lost on the subway in the middle of the night, staying in a penthouse apartment overseeing Manhattan, and partying with friends all night. He's friends with a band called Hold Steady??(Not sure if that's right), but apparently they're getting pretty big. He went to Carson Daly with them and ate free food in the dressing room as they were the musical guest.

Hiro is as frugal as me, but he didn't know he could buy a day pass on the train. At this time he had already spent $16 on trains. When I told him about the pass, he made a sad face. We were getting hungry again, so we ate gyros from a street car.(Meal Three) Onward we trudged to Stephanes house close to long island city where we were staying. I passed out on the couch for about 10 minutes getting a little power nap in, which went a long way. But now Stephane had to go to band practice, so we headed back to James' house to relax for a bit.

At around 9 PM, we up with Tim Kasher, headed back to Stephane's, ate ghetto food at a Palace Fried Chicken, drank some whiskey, watched Starship Troopers, met up with James, walked more, tried to stay awake, drank some more, went to a bar, spent a ridiculous $5 for a budweiser, and finally collapsed at James' house at 4:30 AM. Tired I am..... Time for a nap.
Peace, mike park