July 08, 2005

12:58 PM
Holy shmoly!! We're trying to get off this friggin ISLAND, but traffic is making me pull out my hair and grind my teeth. We've traveled about 5 miles in the last 80 minutes. Our drive is only 68 miles, but we're not even off Long Island yet. two hours of driving 5 miles an hour. FUCK!! Yeah, I'm starting to use profanity in my blogs as it is the only way to describe how I truly feel.

We were hoping to get to NEW JERSEY and watch the movie DARK WATER, but at this rate we'll be lucky to make it to the next show. Again.....FUCK!! Ok, calm down. Deep breath. I shouldn't be so angry, but traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, we met the nicest guy on tour yesterday. His name is BRIAN. He reminds me of my friend Grant Olney. Genuinely nice and you can tell how happy he is to be alive. It's awesome. He plays music and is going to school for sound engineering. Good songs too. He lives with his brother and parents. A Pakastani father and Irish mother gives Brian really pretty eyes.

We played with an amazing band from BOSTON called The Fellow Project. They were the best band I've seen on tour. Check them out. By the way, the city I was in was NORTHPORT, NY. Overseeing the water, a big back yard, and lots of amazing people. We bought some veggies to grill and enjoyed a great cookout. This was another home where friends came to hangout. There were people hanging out all night playing music, drinking, eating food, and smiling big.

They had a computer room with high speed internet, so I took the time to catch up on email and random work. Work shmirk. I wanted to hang out. Oh well. you win some, you lose some. Well, I'm still in traffic and I'm still on long Island. NICE UH!!
Mike Park

Vien To-$12
Misa and Kaoru-$15
Brian Quirk-$15
Kris Racer-$23.45
Christina Giordano-$3
Dustin Dumas-$40
Scott Butterworth-$14
Jessica Burnham-$15
Ken Lee-$33
Kevin Koegel-$30
Brian Abolins-$25
Mark Veon-$15
Michael Cavaleri-$10
Rey Hernandez-$20
Dan Richter-$50
Dan Shannon-$5
Gary Yee-$10
John Anderson-$20
Seth Odell-$10
Sung Kim-$40
Britt Osbourn-$10
Black Sunday-$10
Andrew Paciocco-$10
Kyle Trittipo and Anuja Vichare $25
Matthew Chantler-30 BRITISH POUNDS
Dan Droller-$100
Diana Mendoza-$200
Evan O'Neil-$7
Steve Hahnlein-$17
Adam Bubash-$30
David Loyd-$25
Julien Lestoclet-$15
-Thanks For Your Support!!