July 07, 2005

4:39 PM
Damn, this drive is way longer than expected. Mapquest said 5 hours, but we've been on the road for almost 7 hours. I hate being in the car. What cha gonna do?? Todays show starts at 3 PM, so I'm stressing out about being late. That's what I'm good at ya know.

We spent yesterday in Syracuse, NY. Our host was a young man named Brian. I wasn't aware that I had met him before. When I introduced myself, he said I met you in England. Ahhhh yes.. I remembered. When I toured out there last year, he came out to the shows. Nice guy.

His BBQ was already in full swing. I know it's bad for me to eat before I play, but I was so hungry I dove in and ate two cheddar brats. Oh man...they were good. A young woman named Jacklyn played a solo set before me and rocked the living room. I'm working on rocking out harder when I play acoustic. Basically, I'm trying to take the acoustic experience to the next level. But I think that was the hardest I rocked out on this tour. I'll try to keep it up for the remaining shows.

A group of 10 people went for a walk that lasted nearly 3 hours. My dogs were barking, but I'm glad we went. It's much needed when half your day is stuck sitting in a car. Along for the walk were our host and his brother, a crew from Buffalo, and a local SKA promoter. I forgot his name. ARGGHH.. Chris Candy calls him the SKA BOSS. SKA BOSS knew a lot about the city and gave much insight to the statues, buildings, and more.

When we finally got back to home base, people were watching the unedited version of TEAM AMERICA. We walked in during the sex scene and if you've seen it before then you know how friggin out of control it is. SKA BOSS and I talked about music and of course SKA, but the body said SLEEP, so I called it a night.

Chris had a little connection with a girl he had met on the walk, but SKA BOSS kept them from their private time. DOH!!! Chris keeps saying "SKA BOSS" "SKA BOSS" "I GOT COCK BLOCKED BY SKA BOSS"..... That's where the nickname comes from. But being the nice guy Chris is, I'm sure he didn't want to be rude and kept the conversation going with the BOSS. But Chris has definitely put that name on our minds.

Why is LONG ISLAND SO LONG!! I think we're almost there. Please...
Peace, mike park