July 05, 2005

2:15 PM
We totally missed traffic and are minutes away from the US border. We're starting to get nervous again about the border. WHY? We aren't doing anything illegal. Are we? I feel tired, so let me slap my face so I can concentrate. oh.. better. I'm exhausted for many reasons but mostly because I got to hang out with SPIKE from Degrassi High this morning. We met at around 11 AM and walked and talked. She's the best. We met up with an old friend of hers that I met 13 years ago named Sheryll. Funny girl. The time was short, but I'm glad we made it work. We got to eat $2 veggie dogs that were huge at the corner hot dog stand. Great experience and I'm sad we're leaving.

Yesterday we went to CANADA'S WONDERLAND. Monica and I have season passes for Great America in Santa Clara, California. They are good for admission at any paramount owned park, which meant free admission for us. We got a little bit of a late start. We wanted to be at the park by 10 AM, but we didn't get there til' 10:45 AM. And the park was way more packed than we had hoped. The lines to the rides were long. Even the scooby doo haunted house was almost 50 minutes of waiting. Rain came down which stopped the rides. It actually worked out well as we got to ride drop zone with no line.

These were the rides we made it on:THE FLY, SCOOBY DOO, DROP ZONE, WILD BEAST, and SPONGE BOB 3-D. Sponge Bob was the best. Partly because I love Sponge Bob. They also had a water park, which we spent most of our time at. The lines sucked, but the rides were so much fun. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We ended our day with the musical production of SCHOOL OF ROCK. So bad, it was great. The night ended with a barbeque at Chris' relatives. About 25 people and more food than was necessary. Ahhhh... the glutonous behavior again and again and again. Tonight is CORFU, NY. I have no idea where that is. I've got my fingers crossed.
Mike Park