July 04, 2005

1:48 AM
Back in Toronto, I just finished my first full day in Ontario. These were my first shows since 1994 and ya know what?? People don't know me so well in Canada. The first show was in the Toronto area and only 7 people were there. DOH!! But they were all really nice and 5 of the 7 were friggin asian!!! NICE....
Come to think of it, I've only seen 5 Asians on this entire tour. It's good that I have Hiro along so we can compliment the ethnic diversity.

I ended up playing in the kitchen for show #1. I played faster than I had ever played before. Each song was about twice as fast as it should have been. Not quite sure why this happened? After some chit chat and some snacks, we took off for Niagara Falls. Come on....we're tourists. I had just gone to the falls a few months prior, but on the US side. I knew the Canadian side was much more beautiful, so I was excited.

The number of New York license plates near the falls were at 90%. Definitely a tourist attraction. We parked far away to avoid paid parking. We passed Planet Hollywood, Hardrock Cafe, and all the other tourist traps. To the falls we walked whilst being distracted by street performers, balloons, and a guy walking on stilts. There was a huge stage on a grass field with music blaring. But not many people were watching. The band was really good. Playing soul and R & B. Hmmm... But it was too loud, so we headed over to the fruitopia tent and had free samples. I went for a fourth, but got stopped by the lady. She said "You've already had 3". DOH!!

The falls were packed. The brightest, most perfect rainbow complimented the beautiful waters. Ahhhhh... It was a nice little break in the action and then off to FT. ERIE, ONTARIO. We played at a gentleman named MIKE MARR'S house. There were exactly 14 people there. Some traveled afar from Stratford, ONT and the local paper even wrote about it, but alas only 14 people. But almost everyone bought something and I was in CANADA!! It's always exciting to be in a different country.

Now I'm back in Toronto sleeping on a comfortable bed needing to get to sleep as we will hit up the amusement park WONDERLAND at 10 AM. Wish us luck.
Peace, mike park