July 01, 2005

3:43 PM
Here I am in Ada, Ohio sitting in a library at Ohio Northern University. Where the number of students(2,500) outnumber the permanent residents(1,900). How I ended up here is really unknown. We just walked and walked and now I'm here. it's all part of the randomness that this tour is.

Yesterday, I was in Columbus, Ohio. We got into town early, so we ended up at a local art theater and watched a documentary about ball room dancing for grade school kids. It was called MAD HOT BALLROOM. Damn, I wish I could dance like those kids. Perhaps I'll take a class at the community college when I get home.

At 6:30 we drove up to the house show, were greeted by Brett(our host), and the music started. Two bands played short sets and then it was my turn. A good number of people crowded a small space in the living. Just the way I like it. And then it was done. I'm more excited to hang out with the people and the extra-curricular activities than the actual playing. Of course I love to play, but I'm more excited to just check out the town and talk with the person who did the show.

We hadn't eaten since breakfast, so we went to the worst of the worst-GOLDEN CORAL!! Yes, buffet dining at its best. Hiro has an obsession with taking photos of everything, but in particular he likes to take pictures of food. It's kind of awkward when he's walking around the food area just taking photos. He does this in grocery stores too. Sometimes the managers get mad and tell him to stop. And of course he does, but he has no fear. He's gung ho on taking pictures anywhere and everywhere.

We settled in watching KILL BILL 2 til' 1:30 AM and called it a night. During the movie a mouse ran across the wall. This gave me nightmares. I kept seeing mice dancing around me. Not the best night of sleep. I woke up early and went for a walk with Monica. Definitely need to do that more as I'm positive I've gained a good 10 pounds on this trip. Eating BBQ after BBQ.

Upon departure, we met Bretts dog, who bit me. Not too bad. No broken skin. I love dogs. I just wanted to play with him. :(

I'm gonna go read some magazines, so I'll check in later!!
Mike Park