June 30, 2005

1:23 PM
We stayed in Blanchester, Ohio. Population 1,600. Our host lived in Milford, Ohio right outside of Cleveland and we followed him into the back roads of fields and more fields. After 45 minutes we made it to the home where I would play. Picture a two lane road with houses planted every couple hundred feet. Our home base included the home base to what seemed like many kids. And through conversation I was told that indeed this is the hang out for everyone. That's strange considering we're way out in nowhere land. More description..... A nice sized home, nice appliances(ie sinks, kitchen, bathroom, etc..) air conditioned , satalite television, with a pool to boot, but at the same cluttered and catastrophic. Backyard debris built up, dogs tied to trees, laundry piled high, and with so many people at their house I couldn't figure out who lived there and who didn't??

They kept saying "Treat our home like your home. Eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, etc." and of course I did. But I was a bit uneasy. Maybe cause his parents didn't know who I was. But everyone said that bands stay there, friends stay there, and people come and go all the time. We were sleeping in their youngest sisters room and I was paranoid she was gonna come home from her Grandparents and cry because I was in her bed. In fact, she did come home this morning, but didn't cry.. Basically, I had nothing to fret about. We were totally hooked up, but for some reason my gut was uneasy and didn't want to intrude on the hospitality.

There were numerous bands that played including hard core, pop, and punk stuff. They all played in the backyard. I of course wanted to play inside, so that's what I did. Trying to keep the aesthetic of the living room tour in tact. Air conditioning didn't work in the back room where I played. Sweat kept rolling down the tip of my nose. I miss the full sweat of a rock show, so it was a good substitute on this tour of oddities. I stayed up late into the morning hanging out with 14 year old kids. Eating burgers and hearing them talk about their favorite punk bands. None of which I had ever heard of.

We woke up early and the sound of life filled the outside of our doors. Their grandparents were there, the youngest daughter whom I mentioned earlier, and more awkwardness on my end. I thought it would be best to get going, so we headed out to COLUMBUS and here I am at a library in a strip mall trying to wait out a thunder storm that's blasting through. We heard some loud thunder and got a bit scared. We found time to eat a WAFFLE HOUSE. A first for Chris and Monica. Playing WAFFLE HOUSE songs on their juke box seemed to drive the staff crazy, but it was fun for us. I'm sleepy y'all. Mayybe I can get a nap in here at the library??
Peace, mike