October 21, 2003
10:34 AM

It's 10:34 AM and I've done absolutely nothing. I just sat in bed for an hour thinking..."I should get up". I went to Cursive last night in San Francisco and the 1 hour drive put me back home at 1 AM and then the excitement of CURSIVE rocking so hard had my adrenaline running on overdrive, so I couldn't get to sleep until around 3. The days of getting 4 to 5 hours sleep a night aren't as easy on my body anymore. I need to practice my guitar. I practiced for no more then 10 minutes yesterday and I couldn't remember any of my songs. I need to listen to the record and get motivated. Since the days of old, I'm certainly not the best at practicing. It's my arch-nemesis. PRACTICE!! I remember taking piano lessons when I was 7 and just crying at the thought of having to practice before the teacher got there because I had to know my lesson plan or she would know i didn't practice, but luckily I could pull off a weeks worth of practice in 10 minutes before she got there and she'd never know. But what if I had practiced? I feel I'm limiting myself musically. oh well. I can still make up for it. I guess. Tonight, same dealio.. I'm going to see Cursive again. I need to study up on how a band should rock. They are the true rock band or all rock bands. No roadies, no tour bus, no attitudes. They are what a band should be. Super down to earth, genuinely nice people who are there to play music and seem to really love it. I love them. Anyways, take care everyone. Hope you are having a good day.

Peace always, Mike Park