June 29, 2005

4:40 PM
Back on the road headed for Cincinatti. It's a fairly short drive today, so we went to WAR OF THE WORLDS starring our favorite actor Tom Cruise and the delightfully undelightful Dakota Fanning. What did I think of the movie? I'll give it a pass. Nothing to blow you away, but if you want some mindless explosions to keep you going then this is for you.

My Dayton show was at a young couples home named Chris and Lauren. Chris inherited his grandmas home. A small, but modest home right across the street from a strip club and a dairy queen. They had a huge barbeque going. but I wasn't hungry. That's when I realized for the first time that I am BBQ'd out!! Of course I still ate a ton of food, but the excitement is gone. CRAZY eh?

I'm starting to lose some steam on the shows too. I feel as if the excitement to play is being compromised. I usually feel this way at some time during a tour. It becomes routine and I start going through the motions instead of playing music for the love of it. Make sense? The feeling of wanting to get the playing over with so I can enjoy the other parts of the experience. hmmmm....

As the story goes, each day seems like an unending experience. A novel for each day on tour perhaps. But in short....... our hosts were beyond nice, the house was clean, the cat was scared of us, I made breakfast, overcooked the eggs, drank lots of water, slept upstairs, did laundry, ate cheesecake, jumped rope, watched movies, caught up on email, and were given two bags of reeses peanut butter cups upon departure.

Next show is Midland, Ohio... Here we come!!
Peace, mike park