June 28, 2005

3:25 PM
It's raining hard for only the second time on tour. We're traveling east on I-70 towards Dayton, Ohio. It's a short drive today. Only two hours. Thank goodness!! Yesterday, our 4.5 hour drive ended up taking 6 hours. Chicago has horrible traffic. I can't handle it. I wanted to pull my hair out.

We arrived in Carmel, Indiana at around 6 PM. We were welcomed by another affluent suburb and a boat load of food. This time it was a vegan cookout. The family was Indian and made some amazing indian food. A favorite of ours. In fact Anuja(the home we played) hooked us up with some killer food today before we left. Her grandma made us a bunch of goodies. She was so cute. Good times.

Anyways, we played in the basement of her home. They had a mini home theater with stadium seating. It was ridiculously amazing. Anuja's boyfriend Kyle played a rockin solo set before me. His mom's birthday was that night and she spent it by coming to the living room show. Pretty cool.

After a short break, I played my set to about 20 people including Anujas dad. Her mom missed my set, so I played a song just for her. It was only 8:30 PM when i was done, so to take advantage of the home theater, we went to get a movie. Instead of getting a triumphunt movie of critical acclaim, we went for a no brainer in FAT ALBERT!! yes, FAT ALBERT. Amazing!! is the only way I can sum things up. We're all talking like FAT ALBERT now. The movie was pretty bad, but that's what made it amazing. make sense?

I couldn't sleep last night, mainly because the home theater had full cable available for the next two hours I channel surfed. How could I keep it up?? Not sure, but I did. Next thing I knew, it was 2 AM and I still hadn't watched a single show. I crashed out around 3 AM. 7 hours later, I was up and got to catch up on some much needed work. I feel refreshed. But we're battling traffic right now!! What the heck is going on?? UGGHH... Hate traffic.
Mike Park