June 27, 2005

12:53 PM
Again, I'm at the Hughes ranch. We drove two hours out of our way to stay here again last night. But it's worth it. Chicago was on fire yesterday. Gay pride was in full swing, taste of Chicago was happening, and the CUBS/WHITE SOX were battling each other. This made for an insane visual on an already happening city.

Jenny Choi had met up with us in Huntley and hung out with us in the city. We parked near Wrigley Field and just walked around Wrigleyville. Lots of interesting persons were out and about. Though it was only 5 PM, people were drunk and stumbling about. It was definitely a mardi gras feel in Chicago.
We couldn't find parking by the apartment we were playing, so we unloaded our stuff and re-parked a few blocks away. Betsy was our host. She lived on a second floor apartment right off of Halsted. No air-conditioning, but that just added to the experience. A packed room full of blood, sweat, and tears. Well, not that good, but it sounds good.

My shirts was soaked from top to bottom. It felt good to perspire as I drank a few beers to quench my thirst. It kind of shielded the fact that I'm fighting a cold. After it was all said and done, my head was pounding and I needed to get some sleep. Someone gave me a vicodin, which made me more sick. The 2 hour drive back up to the HUGHES ranch was spent trying not to vomit. Finally upon arrival, I sat on all fours throwing up. But no food came out. Just some carrots and an acidic tasting fluid. YUMMM.....

Better get going, we need to head out to Carmel, Indiana for the next show.
Peace, mike