June 26, 2005
11:17 AM

I'm really numb right now. I can't explain properly the feeling of amazement. In a span of 5 hours I saw the biggest home of my life in River Hills, Michigan to seeing an even bigger house in Northern, Illinois. How is this possible.

I'm currently sitting in bed on a friggin 400 acre ranch owned by John "FRIGGIN" Hughes. The guest house is where we are situated. Fully stocked with every food imaginable, satellite tv in every room, and a feeling of comfort and unease all tied up in one. The unease is due to the fact that I have no idea how I got so lucky to be here. Seriously, what the heck is going on. Words can't describe this situation because I've never seen anything like it. So where do you start.

I guess, just put yourself in the TV show DALLAS with a huge lake surrounded by gardened green lawns and BLAH!!! I don't know what to say. But I've got to get up and go to our first show in Huntley, Illinois. FUN FUN.
Peace, mike

4:57 PM
We're back in the car heading to Chicago. Traffic is not so bad, but I know there's crazy events happening in town, so I'm sure we'll run into a road block or two. We just left Huntley and our host Ali. She lived on a friggin small farm with more surreal environments to be experienced. I played outside, which I hate doing, but even moreso in this case because it was so beautiful I couldn't concentrate. It was like ON GOLDEN POND and my eyes could only see these huge trees with swishing branches.

It only adds to the crazy experiences of the tour. They had a ton of food including brats, coleslaw, potato salad, french bread, drinks, and big smiles. And then we were taken on a tour of the basement, which would be a perfect setting for any horror movie. Shelves of doll parts including heads, arms, and legs. Random guns, knives, and fossils. Included a real life human skeleton. Perhaps I'll have nightmares.

But I've been a bit sick, so this over stimulation is draining my strength. I'm gonna try to take a nap and I'll check in tomorrow.
Peace always,
mike park