June 24, 2005

12:28 PM
I-94 EAST we've made it into Wisconsin. 5 hours of driving and we'll be at our destination of Kimberly, Wi.. And then we have short drive for the next two days, which will culminate with us staying at John Hughes home. Yes, it's that John Hughes. We'll head on over there after our second show in Milwaukee.

But we're here to talk about minneapolis!! We left Chaska at around 10 AM and went to the METRODOME to see some Major League Baseball. The Minnesota Twins vs the Detroit Tigers. Cheap seats were $6. It's weird to watch baseball indoors. Especially when it's bright and sunny outside. But alas, it's better than nothing. We parked on the street. $.25 per each 15 minutes. I fed it $4.50. Much cheaper than the $15 to park in the stadium lot. That seems a little excessive, especially when parking is abundant nearby.

We got burritos before the game to bypass the expensive ballpark prices. Sitting in the last row of the stadium, we had all the privacy in the world. I even fell asleep for a few minutes. In the 8th inning it was 6-1 Twins, so we left. It was a fast game. Less than 2 hrs and the game was almost over. Monica has been sick these last couple days. In fact, she's had a cold off/on for the last 2 months. Our friend Trent told us about a free clinic called NEIGHBORHOOD INVOLVEMENT PROJECT and Monica got some anti-biotics. She's feeling better, so that's good. Finally, we headed to our show. Unfortunately the living room we were going to play in was canceled. Normally I wouldn't mind, but since I'm doing a tour of only living rooms, it was a little disheartening to break the trend. It's ok... I played at a park. It was the fastest set I've ever played. I played 10 songs in 18 minutes and I was done.

We were gonna crash at our friend Trents house, so we headed out to his house to order pizza and watch game 7 of the NBA finals. The team I wanted to win was the SPURS and goshdarnit...they WON!! At around 11 PM, we headed out to the TRIPLE ROCK to see our friends band. Arzu used to be in the Selby Tigers and I met her a few years back. Her friggin voice gives me chills. So powerful and amazing. It was nice to rock out to somebody else for a change. A few Guinesses, some rock n' roll, and then back to Trents for sleep. 2 AM and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ