June 25, 2005

12:02 PM
My throat is sore. I coughed up blood this morning. Is that a good sign?? Fortunately we hit gold in Kimberly, Wi.. We stayed at our host(Joe Lamers) family's home. His parents were beyond fantastic. Beautiful yard, kitchen, bathroom, and clean!! Such a blessing. I slept 9 hours and besides this sore throat, I feel friggin great.

The show itself was the smallest of the tour. About 10 people total, but I thought I played well and hopefully everyone who came enjoyed themselves. How couldn't they?? There was free food for all and a basketball hoop in the driveway. The bbq was plentiful and consisted of veggie burgers, bratwurst, burgers, watermelon, baked beans, potato salad, and ice cream. DAMN....

The four of us traveling had big grins on our faces all night. We rented the movie MISERY afterwards and just relaxed. It was definitely a sleep over feel. We're now driving to Milwaukee. It's a short jaunt(1.5 hrs) and again we will be hosted by Joe, but this time at his apartment. We'll be playing a second show tonight and then we're off to John Hughes' home. FUN FUN

10:24 PM
Who could possibly think that in 10 hours, we could experience so much. I feel like I've been through a weeks worth of activities. Where do I start? To the third story we went to play an apartment in Milwaukee. A short set and a small crowd made for an intimate show. Our friend Dan from the Promise Ring came out to the show and we went thrift shopping afterwards. Unfortunately no luck in finding some killer threads. Joe's roomate was having a tailgate at the Milwaukee Brewers/Minnesota Twins game, so we headed over to the game to eat free food. Joe took us on an amazing journey. Instead of paying for parking, we parked about 15 minutes away and walked through the back roads and onto an old railroad. It was surreal, within a few feet we were in the back woods and then there's a huge stadium with 50,000 people. The battery on our video camera died, so we couldn't get the footage. A packed lot full of beer guzzling sports fans is not exactly my favorite pastime, but the free bbq will make me venture into the worst conditions.

After some food, we played catch and watched bus loads of college aged sports fans screaming GO (insert your team here)!! Weird fanatacism. Chris even got heckled by someone after asking him who he was rooting for, he replied "Nobody". They said "you must be from Canada". Geeeezzzz... In fact Chris is from Canada and he said how did you know. They laughed, but we didn't get it??? Are we missing something?? Hmmm....

We walked back to the car, through the fields, on the train tracks and back to civilization. Hiro had gone with Dan to visit some friends he knew in Milwaukee, so we met up with him and then headed to show number TWO. It was in River Hills, Milwaukee. Every time we told somebody we were playing there, they would go OHHHHHH!!! That's the rich area. At least a dozen people said that, so we didn't know what to expect. I dozed off for about 10 minutes and suddenly we were here. And yes, it was crazy. A 7 acre lot with 4 wheelers and go carts whizzing by. A full court basketball hoop, trampoline, and a beautiful green lawn that went on and on and on. I think it's the biggest house I've ever been to in my life. Well.... Let me see. Not the biggest. That would be Danielle Steel's house, but this was the biggest plot of land that was developed and not just wild terrain. Let's just say it was nice.

Tyler was our host. He was a 16 year old junior in high school. His family was having a party for his birthday and his sisters graduation. His sister looked like the actress Devon Aoki. It was definitely a strange show as a mix of every age group watched me play. I could only imagine what they were thinking?? Who knows. I think they had fun. Tyler was half Korean. His father was adopted from South Korea at the age of 7. It was interesting to talk with him about his life,etc..

Well, after some more food (damn, I've eaten so much today) we packed up and now are almost at the HUGHES ranch. I'm tired, but excited at the same time. I just want to get out of this car and sit and relax with no responsibilities. At least not until tomorrow morning. Be well.
Mike Park