June 17, 2005

8:02 AM
HELL YEAH!! Alamosa, Colorado rocks!! Seriously......Such a beautiful drive to this small town on the southern border. We got a bit lost on our drive, so it took a little longer to get into town, but thatís ok. We were mostly entertained by these huge gorges that walled the rio grande and made us go ďWOWĒ. We stopped at this bridge to take pictures along with another dozen jaw dropping copycats. But we were so high it scared us. The knees were shaky as we crossed.

At 5PM we rolled into the home we were to play at. It was a beautiful home built in the 20ís. Lots of character and soul. I borrowed a couple of baseball gloves from the younger brother than lived there and played catch with Monica. They had two dogs, one which was three legged. I like three legged dogs. I played with them in the backyard, but unfortunately got eaten by the mosquitos. In probably 10 minutes I came out with 5 bites on my leg and two on my face. ARGGHHHH

I hadnít eaten much all day, so I dove into the potluck which included POTATO SALAD, PASTA SALAD, RAMEN SALAD, FRIES, and A MAYONAISE SALAD. Carbs galore I dove in for seconds and thirds. But suddenly more food came through and the next thing I knew there was no more room for the other foods. I had to watch people eat homemade ice cream, cookies, and other scrumptious foods. Oh well. Thatís how it goes sometimes.

I started to get ready to play at 6:30 PM. But realized I had eaten so much. The food wasnít digesting so well. It was stuck somewhere between by throat and stomach and wasnít going down. I couldnít sing so well, as the food kept creeping up higher and higher. It didnít matter. The show was a lot of fun. My favorite so far. Everyone was so nice and appreciative. Met a lot of nice kids. Hopefully I can return one of these days.

To top off this amazing day, we were hooked up with free hotel rooms. WHAT??? I couldnít believe it. My my my... I am a lucky boy. Well, my battery is about to die, so Iíll stop here. Be well.
Peace, mike park