June 16, 2005

I have no idea why Iím awake. I only slept 6 hours, but here I am wide eyed and ready to run in circles. So why not spend some time writing while my mind is semi fresh. I am reclining in an apartment building that houses three young individuals. Your typical young persons home. Video games scattered amongst game systems, cdís, records, beer bottles, musical equipment, and a sofa/futon which I got to sleep on. YAY for me.

We got into Santa Fe at around 2:30, but took another 30 minutes trying to find the place. MAPQUEST failed, taking us on a wild ride through the outbacks of the DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Or at least thatís what it seemed. We were suddenly on a dirt road, surrounded by desert life, and non-matching house numbers. We pulled into the only house that was there and I walked up to the door as I saw a woman in the front room. Fortunately she wasnít scared of us and led us the right way.

What a beautiful house. Surrounded by nature and a house dog that liked to pick up big rocks in his mouth and carry them to you. I really love Santa Fe and have met a core of really amazing people here. So itís always an amazing time to be had. One of the first persons I met a few years ago were two brothers named ALex and Noah. And thatís where I played. Both guys have amazing personalities, love music, and are definitely persons I hope to keep in touch with in the future.

We went inside to a small potluck consisting of pasta salad, watermelon, and pretzels. Not the best spread, but Iím not complaining. Come to think of it.... The last time I played in Santa Fe, Alex cooked white rice, soy sauce, and oranges. So this was a step up. The potluck was added to a bit later with some rice pudding and baked goods, but nothing that had me doing cartwheels. And thatís ok. Really, it is.

There were three other people who did acoustic acts. Including a kid who did some rapping. But he was so bad. I wasnít sure if he was kidding or not and then I realized he wasnít and then I was sad for a short while. But then I was happy again cause NOAH played and heís funny. More acoustic acts including Alex and this woman named MEGAN. What a beautiful voice she has. Maybe itís just me that really loves her voice. Everyone else I talked to werenít as excited as me. Oh well.

It was an early show, so we headed off at 7 PM to get some dinner. At this point the lack of sleep started kicking in. I was running on adrenaline the last 4 hours. But now I could feel the burn and was running on fumes. We went to a place called RED ENCHILADA. Iíd give it a C+. Not the New Mexico green chile experience I was hoping for. I spent 12 dollars on my dinner and that my friends is way too much money to spend. Veggie Enchiladas, were stuffed with Zucchini. I should have gotten cheese enchiladas. It was still good, but lacking.....Lacking in something??

I got my second/third wind and we made our way to see BATMAN. It was opening night and I was ready, but Noah screwed up and got his theaters wrong. Our only choice was to wait tilí 10:45 PM and that was out of the question for me. Chris Candy and Hiro Tanaka being the studs they are mustered enough energy to go. In retrospect, I should have joined them, but that was the past and I wonít go there. Iím babbling now.
Be well yíall.
Mike Park

Vien To-$12
Misa and Kaoru-$15
Brian Quirk-$15
Kris Racer-$23.45
Christina Giordano-$3
Dustin Dumas-$40
Scott Butterworth-$14
Jessica Burnham-$15
Ken Lee-$33
Kevin Koegel-$30
Brian Abolins-$25
Mark Veon-$15
Michael Cavaleri-$10
Rey Hernandez-$20
Dan Richter-$50
Dan Shannon-$5
Gary Yee-$10
John Anderson-$20
Seth Odell-$10
Sung Kim-$40
Britt Osbourn-$10
Black Sunday-$10
Andrew Paciocco-$10
Kyle Trittipo and Anuja Vichare $25
Matthew Chantler-30 BRITISH POUNDS
Dan Droller-$100
Diana Mendoza-$200
Evan O'Neil-$7
Steve Hahnlein-$17
Adam Bubash-$30
David Loyd-$25
-Thanks For Your Support!!