October 19, 2003
5:56 PM

Boo on me. WHat's the deal with me. I went a good 20 days straight of writing a newsletter and now I can't remember to do it. And when I do remember, it 's me rushing to get out the doorw which is the case now. So I've got about 3 minutes and I'm just going to write, write, write and whatever comes out comes out. You see I'm a fast typer and I pride myself on this. My LA trip has concluded with huge upsides. My friend Chris scored free tickets to the PRODUCERS in Hollywood starring Jason Alexander and Martin Short. Amazing! It would have normally cost $97. I'm not sure that would have been amazing to pay, but it was free and I was pretty excited. To top it off, we got backstage and I got my picture taken with Martin Short. Shook hands with Jason Alexander, but he was surrounded by family and I didn't want to interupt him for a picture. Argghhhh!!! I should have just asked him. I know he would have said yes. Oh well. I've got to get those pics up tomorrow. Take care kind people of the US.

Peace always, Mike Park