May 21, 2005
5:49 PM

We're on the I-10 FWY towards Hemet. It's a long drive. Much longer than I anticipated. But that's ok. We just left show #3 in Claremont. An amazing young woman named Diana was our host. She hooked us up. Upon arrival a full buffet spread of both veggie and meat selections. My goodness.. It was an awesome sight for me..

She then handed me $200 and said "I'd like to donate this to PLEA FOR PEACE"... I felt like crying. How could someone I barely know be so kind? At this point I'm just in awe and have this goofy look on my face. Her parents were as wonderful, so I could see how she turned out so fantastic. The show was a success and the people were all so nice to me. It's hard to describe shows like this. You don't get any more personal than playing someones living room. Can't wait for the next show.
Peace always,
Mike Park