May 20, 2005
11:18 PM

I'm in friggin Beverly Hills staying at a friends parents home. It's plush and I'm about to go in the hot tub. It's been a wonderful day. We saw Star Wars and I loved it. So many people said negative things about it. Well, they are bad and are obviously without the FORCE.

Off to show #2, we head to RESEDA. The exciting part of this living room tour is that we have no idea what to expect??? Who are these people?? Will they be kind? Are they crazy? Do they live in a nice place?? Etc..etc...

Well, we hit the jackpot tonight. A wonderful young woman named Meghan was in charge of tonights show and she lived with her father John. It was a beautiful place with a bbq going and I was just bummed because I had eaten only minutes before and knew that I couldn't engulf the proper amount of food that I wanted too..

The crowd was young . High school age as Meghan is in her senior year. My friend Chris was gawking over Meghan. He could only shake his head and say "WOW".. Chris is only 20, so he can still do that. He's a funny boy. It was a great time. We could only hope every show will be like this.

We closed our adventure with some ice cream and then we said our goodbyes. Now I'm gonna go for a soak. be well. May the force be with you.
Mike Park