May 19, 2005
11:58 PM

I'm so tired. I've been up since 6 AM, riding my bike in the rain trying to get free food. That was a nightmare. Getting completely soaked for a smoothie and bagel. Couldn't make it to any other restaurants as the rain was constant and I was just getting more and more wet.

5 hours of work and then off to Anaheim, California. A quick 1 hour flight and we arrive at 4:45 PM. Our best friend Chris Candy picks us up and we head over to Fullerton to play show #1 of the So Cal.. living room tour jaunt.

Mike Ryu is the one responsible for show #1. He lives in a house with 5 roomates I believe. Very stereotypical college house. Beer bottles, posters, and stained carpets to boot. People started drinking early and there was one drunk girl who was super annoying... ARGGHHH, but other than that it was a fun show. Definitely more comical on my end of the performance. I played old songs that are humorous in nature. Friends from the RX BANDITS came to the show and other good friends, so it was nice to just see everyone and smile.

But now....I'm so sleepy. GoodNIGHT.....ZZZZZZ
Mike Park