May 07, 2005
11:01 AM

This is West Coast time as I am headed home from tour. I’ve managed to sleep the first half of this flight and feel obligated to do something constructive. Well, I’d like to think writing this blog is productive. Anyways, I ended my 16 day tour yesterday in Cleveland.

I knew it was gonna be a good day when we were awoken by police. A shining flashlight in our sleeping quarters and the screaming voices of “GET UP! It’s the police. GET UP”. So we all got out. There were 10 of us sleeping as they lined us up outside the bus and on the side of the freeway.

We asked what was going on?? They said our driver was speeding and making eratic lane changes. What?? Come on, our driver was so good. He drove so slow and made sure of it cause he wanted us to get a good nights sleep while he drove.

Then they said, what kind of drugs do you have. Ecstacy? Cocaine? A couple of the guys had some weed and they were up front about it. They had a police dog search the bus and then after ten minutes we were free to go. They actually tried to get us to go as the friggin paparazzi showed up!! Can you believe it!! I think they thought we were green day as they were playing Cleveland the same day.

So the cops said “Let’s get them out of here” as he pointed to the camera man who showed up out of knowhere. WEIRD!! Well, at least we were almost to the club which gave me a full day to wander about the city. My favorite thing to do ya know.

Me and Danny from the Trio took off and wandered about looking for a cafe, but were coming up empty. I suggested we go to the House Of Blues Restaurant cause we were playing there and I bet we would get a discount or something good like that. We walked in and it looked like it was closed cause they were still setting up and gave us an empty look and then asked “Can I help you?” ummmm.... are you open for lunch? I replied. Yes......and then I proceeded to ask if they gave discounts to those who were playing the club. The hostess told me she would inform the manager.

While gazing at the menu the manager came by and told us lunch was on the house!! FUC# yeah!! We got a calamari appetizer which wasn’t good at all. It looked and sounded all fancy, but it was not. BLAH..... Then I got a personal pizza which was much better. But that calamari. Gross. After lunch I left to explore the city. Danny never goes cause he’s lazy like that, but I love going on long walks, so I gathered up my belongings and headed out.

I guess I was downtown or in the midst of city life. That’s always a good sign. The street sign said ROCK N’ ROLL BLVD. And then it dawned on me that yes!!! CLEVELAND is home to the RNRoll HALL OF FAME. I recall it being free if you’re in a band. You just show your laminant. WOOHOO!! So I just started walking up and down the street to see if I could find it without asking anyone, but no luck. I had to break down and ask. I get so scared for some reason.

Yes, I was on the right street, but I needed to walk all the way to the lake. About a mile down next to the football stadium. $20 admission was indeed FREE for me. They asked me what band I was in and I said “ALKALINE TRIO”. The woman said “I think I’ve heard of you?”. I just smiled.

I could have spent all day there, but my time was limited. I gave myself a two hour time limit. So I skimmed through the museum. Looking at the current outfits of Christina Aguilera/Brittany Spears to the wardrobe of Jimi Hendrix/Elton John. They had an OHIO section and to my suprise a window display for my fav band DEVO. Other highlights were a Jeff Buckley display, B-52’s display, and an early letter to Elvis Pressley from his booking agent saying they were gonna have to end his contract. DOH!!!

Well, all was good and I am so glad to have experienced this tour. Thanks to all the new friends I met. The smiling faces of the trio fans and the chance to play live with Colossal. WOW!! It was just so great. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
Peace always,
Mike Park

Vien To-$12
Misa and Kaoru-$15
Brian Quirk-$15
Kris Racer-$23.45
Christina Giordano-$3
Dustin Dumas-$40
Scott Butterworth-$14
Jessica Burnham-$15
Ken Lee-$33
Kevin Koegel-$30
Brian Abolins-$25
Mark Veon-$15
Michael Cavaleri-$10
Rey Hernandez-$20
Dan Richter-$50
Dan Shannon-$5
Gary Yee-$10
John Anderson-$20
Seth Odell-$10
Sung Kim-$40
Britt Osbourn-$10
Black Sunday-$10
Andrew Paciocco-$10
Kyle Trittipo and Anuja Vichare $25
Matthew Chantler-30 BRITISH POUNDS
-Thanks For Your Support!!