October 15, 2003
10:33 AM

A good nights sleep and BAM.....I still feel horrible. I just want to sleep ZZZZZZZZZ..... ZZZZZZZZZ...... Oooh how nice it would feel, but I need to get stuff done. I need to practice guitar for my shows next month. Ok, so next weekend I'm headed for Chicago where I will hang out with JUST A FIRE and DUVALL. I've never met these bands in person, so it's time to hang out and bond with these fine young men. I'll be in Chicago for a week, so if you live in Chicago and want to hang out...email me and we'll go record shopping. My goal today is just to finish my email. I have around 200 to finish, so wish me luck. I'll be doing a lot of these replies:

"Hey (Insert Name), thanks for writing. I appreciate it. Peace, mike"

Do you think that's rude that I don't write longer replies. It's just so hard and I want to write everyone back. I do read everything, but man some people expect me to explain the meaning of life to them, so I do what I can. I'm gonna get goingon this fun stuff called work. Til' tomorrow. Have a good day. I'm listening to the new POTSHOT record called POTSHOT ROCKER.

Peace always, Mike Park