April 25, 2005

Traveling south on I-91 towards New London, Ct... I played in a basement on Sat. in Buffalo, NY. The kids kept talking up a place called MIGHTY TACO. So we went after I played and it was perhaps the worst food I had eaten in my life. For those who know me, I can eat anything, but this stuff was comical. I ordered a veggie burrito. It was $1.79, so my guess was beans, rice, cheese or something of the sort. I kid you not by what was in here:
I kept biting into it waiting to get to the beans or rice. After three bites, I knew this was really all that went in there. At about 4 AM I was awoken by stomach pains, but how did this make me sick?? I donít know. Fortunately I didnít get ill to the point of vomit fun.

I love playing peopleís homes because you can just relax on the couch watching TV. I stayed with the Anderson family whom were very kind to me and shared great conversation with. John was their son and he put on the show. The age difference between me and his mom was 7 years. The age difference between me and him was 15 years. So I had more in common with his parents. DOH!!

Before hand we went to Niagra Falls, which was uneventful. On the US side, you could barely see anything and the $10 parking had me hissing and booing. Plus the weather started looking dreary as it snowed during the night. SPRING?? SNOW??

My food intake yesterday was yogurt and pretzels. Trying to settle my stomach with acidopholis. Itís a sad day when i canít eat. Iím almost 100% healthy and ready to eat the shiiite out of everything. I played a club called Valentines in Albany, NY yesterday. It was a small bar, but was still all ages. Yesterday before the show, my illness hit me hard. So I got a hotel and crashed out for 3 hours. I think my fever broke as I woke up completely drenched in sweat.

But yup.. I feel much better than yesterday. I fly out to Chicago tomorrow to join up with the Alkaline Trio. FUN FUN.
Peace, mike

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Brian Abolins-$25
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Rey Hernandez-$20
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Dan Shannon-$5
Gary Yee-$10
John Anderson-$20
Seth Odell-$10
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