April 15, 2005
9:49 AM

In three hours I leave for Las Vegas for the first segment of my living room shows. I have no idea how they will go?? I do know that my throat is still sore and have no idea how long my voice will last. Perhaps I can just play guitar tonight and type the lyrics out so people can do karaoke....

Well, I'm need to get some stuff done. I'll write more on the plane.
Mike Park

2:28 PM
We've just left the runway in San Jose and my guess is we're hovering at about 12,000 ft.. I can still see the cars moving, so we're not that high right now. After taking a motrin, my head feels clear, but I realize it's only a temporary fix. The excitement of going to Vegas is no longer part of me. I'm guessing I've been to Vegas nearly 50 times in the last ten years. I hate the whole party atmosphere. People on the plane are wooping it up already. Which is fine.... I'm happy for them to be excited about their weekend. Luckily I'm gonna be far from the strip. I'll be able to see an entirely different side to Vegas. Playing people's homes in friggin Vegas.

It's friggin hot today and my guess is Vegas will be scorching. To be honest, I'm looking forward to the desert heat. Perhaps it will cure me of my cold/flu. That would be nice. There's something going on in Vegas. Going back to when I purchased my plane ticket(2 months ago), all the cheap flights were booked and I ended up paying $308 for my round trip flight. DOH!! I was hoping for a round trip ticket of $100-$150. Oh well. And I couldn't even get a flight leaving on Sunday. So I'm stuck an extra day. I then tried to get a hotel for SUNDAY. Usually that's a cheap night. SUN-THURS are the low priced nights. But the cheapest hotel I could find was going for $150 at CIRCUS FRIGGIN CIRCUS.. Looks like I'll be crashing at people's homes.

I'm sipping on some Emergen-C. Tangerine flavored with Glucosamine. The latter is supposed to be good for your joints. And in my advanced age, it is much needed.
When I sit for long periods, my body aches when I sit up. DOH!! Is it a sign? And when is it time to slow down? Hopefully never. My mom wants me to get married so bad. She just so badly wants grandchildren. Argghhhh.... Marriage is at least a few years away. It's strange to see friends get married. This year I'm going to three weddings that I know of and I'm sure more will pop up. Some people hate going to weddings, but I love em. There so fun and usually the food is YUMMY!!

And when will I stop eating so much? It can't be good for me. But food is so yummy. I just want to eat everything always. My new big thing is french fries. You get a couple bags of frozen fries, stick them on a baking sheet, and food is coming up right around the corner. Oh, but you grease the pan with olive oil and add some salt and fresh ground pepper. Heavy on the pepper mind you. Good stuff. I can eat a whole bag by myself. I looked on the bag and it says servings-8. But 1 for me.

The pros and cons of having roomates. I'll list more in due time, but the pros are being able to watch their dvd's. I just saw Gremlins for the first time. I'm not quite sure how I missed it the first time round, but what an amazing movie. The lead actress, Phoebe Cates is cuter than cute. She was in Fast Time at Ridgemont High and is married to Kevin Klein. I'm not sure if she's still acting, but I need to rent everything she's been in. And Corrie Feldman was even in Gremlins. Was that dude in every movie made in the 80's. Damn!!! It's now 3 PM. I just finished my drink and two bags of peanuts. Ho Hum... Hopefully we'll be landing soon.
Mike Park

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Dustin Dumas-$40
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Kevin Koegel-$30
Brian Abolins-$25
Mark Veon-$15
Michael Cavaleri-$10
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