April 09, 2005
9:47 AM

Good morning!! I woke up about an hour ago and have tried to fall back asleep, but no luck. Coming off the high of last night was difficult in my night of sleep. I played this little art studio called EPIC ARTS in Berkeley. It was basically this flat on the corner of Ashby and Martin Luther King that housed a community of adults who found a need to open up an arts and music space. To be honest, it was one of my favorite shows in a long time. There was seating for about 20 people and it was just such a departure from the club scene. And I'm realizing more and more that I hate playing clubs. This intimate setting made me more excited for the living room tour. Cause that's basically what it was last night....A living room!!

It was great seeing Kevin Seconds. He's been one of my heros since high school. His music, his message and the way he carries himself is just so amazing. After the show, we went out to get pizza at a place called Lanesplitter. We were joined by some friends and some new friends we made at the show. The pizza was amazing and I of course ate the most and ate the crust off everyones plates. Getting to just talk to Kevin and hear stories about Minor Threat and Black Flag staying out his house when he was a youngster. His mom making breakfast for Ian Mackaye and Henry Rollins. Friggin amazing!!

We said our goodbyes and then headed to Miyas house in Albany. I crashed here last night as I need to be in the east bay to make a video for the song FROM KOREA. So thankfully Miya made her place available to Monica and I. We ended up staying up late just talking more about everything and anything. It was fun. Even though we were getting so sleepy, we kept it going for a good hour and a half..

Now I'm drinking some chai tea. It's good and strong. Hopefully it will give me a kick in the butt and wake me up completely. It's my turn to take a shower, so I'll talk to you later. Be well. Smile big.
Mike Park
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Ken Lee-$33
Kevin Koegel-$30
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