April 08, 2005
9:57 AM

Rain is coming down hard today. I slept through my alarm. Well, I didn't sleep through it. I just didn't get up. It was the ringer on my cell phone and it just never stopped. I felt like it rang for a good 2 minutes straight. My eyes never opened, but I'm sure there was a grimace on my face.

Went on my first bike ride as a resident of Santa Cruz. It wasn't a long ride. Lasting a good 5 minutes at the most. We headed into town to a coffee shop to see the PLUS ONES play. It's all downhill and other than the cold, we were much delighted by the quick ride. I shouldn't say we, as Monica almost crashed within the first 100 seconds.

Having a piping hot cup of tea whilst watching a band rock out is pretty fun. The opening band was called Little Compass. I had opened for them in Houston Texas over a year ago. That was a nice suprise. It was so loud though.. I couldn't enjoy the music as much as I would have wanted.

It's now 10 AM. I've got to leave in two hours. I'm playing in Berkeley tonight. I'm gonna get up there early to meet with friends for some food and beat traffic.
Mike Park
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Christina Giordano-$3
Dustin Dumas-$40
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