April 06, 2005
9:20 AM

The girls in Santa Cruz are quite beautiful. During my walk with Monica, my head kept turning to the left and then to the right as the warm weather brought people out and about. This time of year is hard because I get girl crazy, so I'm telling Monica it's over. Just kidding. She's the best, it's just that... ummm.. never mind. It was hard to do any work at all considering the fact the sky was blue and I so badly wanted to go for a walk.

In the 5 hours that I was at asian man, I'm guessing I did 2 hours of actual work. The rest was spent daydreaming and lots of sighing... sigh..........

I'm leaving in about 10 minutes to go get my album mastered. This means everything is done. Complete. I'll get a track up on my site right away, so you can check out a new song. I'm not looking forward to the 2.5 hour drive to Petaluma, but at least I have a hybrid and it won't cost me an arm and leg to get out there.

Current gas at the cheapo ROTTEN ROBBIE station is $2.49 for 87 octane. DOH!!

We have no curtains in our basement house. That's no big deal I guess, but people can see in crystal clear. I enjoy walking around in my underwear, so it's been a little strange perhaps for the passerbyers?? Does it matter? No..
Mike Park