April 05, 2005
9:39 AM

My new roomate Stephanie called yesterday and said that we could move in early, so that's what we did. Packing up the remaining stuff in my apartment, saying our goodbyes to the neighbors, and eating at TOFU COM CHIEY one last time, we headed over highway 17 towards the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz, Ca.. That's where they filmed the movie Lost Boys. It's fun having guests in town. You get to show them all the spots where Lost Boys was filmed.

Me and Monica went for a late night walking. Holding hands when it's cold is pretty fun. Unfortunately she's not feeling so well, so the walk was shorter than I had hoped for. After 30 minutes, we were done, but not before we visited our local little mom and pop market called the food bin and got some orange juice and bagels.

I had a hard time sleeping last night. Perhaps due to my new surroundings?? But basically cause my mind can't stop thinking. I had weird dreams all night.. One good thing is that there is free wireless at the house. Or at least we're getting someones free wireless. Only two bars, but it works.

I left at 8:55 AM and got to asian man at 9:30 AM. Much better commute than I expected, but as soon as the weather gets better I'm gonna start taking the bus and riding my bike. It will force me to ride 35 miles a day. I can do it!! Well, back to work I guess. Be well.
Mike Park