April 04, 2005
9:48 AM

My big red van has been sitting in the driveway for nearly 4 months. The engine has not been started and the filth of sitting has gathered, but yesterday I drove it for the first time. What's the big deal you ask?? Well, it rained hard and my van was cleaned while I drove and some warm gleam came over me as I thought how lucky that this big red van was getting all shiny again and I didn't have to do a thing.

YES...Again, I am totally amused by the simplest of things. There is a saying "HE WHO DOES NOT WASH WILL NOT PROSPER". I just made that up and it makes no sense. SORRY. It's monday, forgive me.

Baseball season starts today and to be honest I haven't really paid much attention to the hoopla, but I love baseball and the experience of going to the ballpark and enjoying everything it has to offer. Next Monday is the Oakland A's home opener which I will definitely be going to. With a bbq/tailgate system set up for the fun, fun, fun!! And as always, if you live in the area and would like to go, just email me and I'll tell you where we'll be set up.

What else? I saw SIN CITY last night. The new movie based on the comics by Frank Miller. Very bloody and very good. And I didn't even get popcorn. As I wind down on my final days here in San Jose, Monica and I have been eating at TOFU COM CHIEY every night to brace ourselves for the fact that it will no longer be a 5 minute walk whenever we want. Argghhh... Hopefully there's an equivalent in Santa Cruz.
The taqueria's are already better over there, so I'm excited about that.

Well, I better get back to work. Be well. Smile big.
Mike Park