April 01, 2005
8:21 AM

I get free wireless where I live. I have no idea where the signal is coming from and I've never got more than 2 bars out of 4, but nonetheless it's free. FREE!!! The server is called LINKSYS. It's become a fun word for those of us who can receive this for free. LINKSYS will be the name of my first born. LINKSYS PARK. Ooooh. That sounds horrible. To much like LINKIN PARK.
I can't stand any rap metal. Metal/hip-hop, etc.. Yucky.

I can spot a nu-metal fan from afar. It's pretty closed minded of me huh? I should love all and I try. I try hard dammnit. Wanting to love all and be the leader of this movement of PLEA FOR PEACE, but I can't lie when I'm pre-judging the nu-metal fans. Especially PANTERA. Shiver.........

Of course I would never ever ever be rude to someones face and probably would get a long with even the members of Pantera, but in my mind I'd be pre-judging. Allergies are starting to kick up. We're going on our 3rd day of good weather and the spring fling of flowers blooming and pollen fluttering about is in full motion. It's only a matter of time when I start complaining in full detail, but for now it's not so bad. I'm just gonna try to drink a ton of tea and clear my sinuses.

In current news, people are battling over the right to live, the pope is on his deathbed, gas prices are rising, gangs are making news in San Jose, and we are still at war. Well, if there is a bright side....The new STAR WARS looks like it's gonna be good.

Peace always,
Mike Park