March 31, 2005
10:19 AM

I am addicted to green tea. It's a good addiction. But why is the green tea in America not really green?? In Japan, it glowed in the friggin dark and tasted so green. If you have the answer!!!-let me know..

Kids...I'm writing a book. I will start writing 30 minutes every morning. A little bit at a time. My hope is to release it sometime next year. It will be about my experiences growing up as a Korean American in an affluent area of northern California called Los friggin Gatos. Also touching on my discovery of punk in the early 80's and how it changed my way of life, etc.. Sound interesting?? NO?? DOH!! Come on..

Tomorrow I will go in for some final tweaking on my solo record and BAM(as Emeril would say) it's done. It has an official street date too. August 23rd. Yeah, that's a long ways away. I'm not sure why it takes so long to get something released, but my distributor needs this long period of time for proper promotion.

Oh well... I'll be sure to put up a song as an MP3 for you to get a sneak preview. Sound like deal?? YEAH!!

What's on the agenda today? It's work til' about 4 PM today.. Get some excersize, eat, practice guitar, sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Mike Park